"Bravo! Your discipline was astonishing." "your crystal clear, accurate, well rehearsed, interesting arrangements were a joy to hear... Thanks for the CD, I shall put it with the big stars' disks and enjoy it often." Dick Gardner (the last Harmonicat)

"I value [the video] as an important addition to my collection of harp recordings...[Rudy] has selected pieces that are musically satisfying while avoiding those that are frequently performed on other recording." "Your musicianship, tone, selection of pieces, and unique use of double stops are all superb." "This is dynamite if it is all double-stopping. I think that you would make a big hit doing that live at SPAH. It is something really clever and new that isn't just a stunt but contributes to the music." Vern Smith, CA

"I have played [the CD] a number of times and am, as always, impressed by your high level of technical skill and musical interpretation." Paul Farmer, Australia

"Wow Rudy! You're great! I have to confess to never having heard classical music played on a harmonica. I loved it. Thanks so much for sending it!" Lynn Robinson, co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being Psychic

"Your music is really nice - and definitely unique." Julie van Amerongen, Heart of Space

"Great playing and clever arrangements." Clive Bennett, producer of Philips Classics

"[Mambo Italiano] seems to jump out of the speakers and grab you." Geoff Siegel, A&R, Universal Music Group

"your work on the CD is impressive ..." Laurence Rosenthal, Film Music Composer (works include the theme of Fantasy Island)

"Awesome, man!!! Loved your playing." David Gurnee, author of Memoirs of Elise (a sequel to the movie classic Somewhere in Time)

"I do enjoy and admire your material, since I know a little bit of basic harmonica playing, therefore, I know the difficulties and technique that you applied in your playing is superb." Anthony Lee, music publishing manager

"I'm listening to your CD here at the TV station where I work, and we all like it very much." Brooke Steytler, PA

"Just want to tell you again I enjoy your CD very much, great work!" James Chen, Las Vegas

"The video has arrived and it is all that I expected." Reverend Nolan J. Roby, OR

"I wish to tell you how very much I and my lady Mary enjoyed your album of music which you so kindly gave me. We look forward to playing at many quiet times." Bob Ransmeier, OR

"Rudy, now I am listening to all your music on your Web site and I just love it, love it, love it! You are truly exceptionally talented."  Joan Holman, MN

"BRAVO RUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Georgy Girl is] beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Deb Aaron, Toronto, Canada

"Finally got the time to listen to your CD. Absolutely beautiful and stunning." Dr. Klaus Gerling, Australia

"I like your site and your playing very much. Your tone color is excellent and you play some rare music (meaning no harmonica players have tried before) successfully. You also add double stops at various places effectively to show the strength of the harmonica. This makes it more interesting than the original scores (eg. Greensleeves)." Lai Mun Guan, Singapore

"what a first class job of recording ...I was really impressed...[A friend] is a composer, arranger and conductor. He normally is pretty hard to impress ... he was on his way home from my home and I asked him to watch a few seconds of the tape ... he stayed for the whole thing and thought it was excellent." "I enjoyed all the selections with the following standing out: Gossec (the Gavotte), Serenade, Schubert, Dvorak, Canzone, Liliuokalani, and Mao." Robert Berta, CA

"Extraordinary!" George Callan, CO

"I really want to tell you that I was shocked by your wonderful music!!!" Jimmy Chan, Hong Kong

"Know your video review ... and website url from Jimmy's website, I'm interested in the video, and impressed by your playing." Mullin Yu, Hong Kong 

"I am an amateur harmonica player and played it for more than 50 years.  I heard your soundtracks.  Definitely, you are an excellent harmonica virtuoso." Lobo Chan, Hong Kong

"I have listened to your playing on the MD, once. Most of the time I find it absolutely beautiful." Jeroen Nieuwint, The Netherlands

"I enjoyed your skillful playing so much." Yuzo Yamana, Japan

"The good God has really given you talent and I hope you're able to get your music distributed so that others can also enjoy it." D. Perrault, American musician in China

"it's very nice of you to share beautiful pieces of your playing, listening to the Spanish Dance now as I type this reply, your playing's very impressive! My Saluations to you, Sir!" Kevin Ho, Singapore 

"Hey Rudy, I've just put in your CD and it's really PRECIOUS!  Thank you and congratulations!" Marcos, Brazil
“Rudy...you're awesome!  We love your stuff here in Southeast Idaho!” Jim Zippo, Program Director, KPKY/KOOL 94.9, ID

“You're AWESOME!  Keep up the great work.” Cammy Blackstone, KFRC Morning Show, San Francisco, CA


"We think your playing is spectacular!" Captain Dan and Allan, Froggy 94.7, Erie, PA


"Wow ... you are really good! ... I really enjoyed listening to you.  I play harmonica too but you really put me to shame."  Janine Wolf, Clear Channel


"Rudy, you are a great performer.  Thank you for sharing your talent with this group." Michel Renaud, Quebec, Canada


"Hearing [your versions of Georgy Girl] brings forth even more emotion than the movie theme song and I have great admiration for your musical talent."  Phil Baugh, San Diego, CA